Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors


 Another reason for Ontario docs to leave the Province:  CPSO won’t allow Ontario docs to have sex with their own spouses.


The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is in deep doodoo again. Its Registrar – Rocco Vincent Gerace –  has to figure out a solution to CPSO’s existing ruling of applying zero tolerance to a physician having sex with a patient.  Fact is, if you slip your spouse an antibiotic for a minor ailment, your spouse is now your patient! 

Someone submitted to the Minister of Health, that under current CPSO policy, if a doctor treats his/her spouse,  there is to be no hanky panky for 1 year with this “patient”. If the doc discussed any emotional problems with the spouse, it’s separate bedrooms – and no funny stuff – for 5 years or even longer. The Minister of Health,clearly possessed of a good dose of common sense, considers this a bit of a problem, as do docs and their spouses.

The Minister is now asking the HPARC – 55 St. Clair West – and the CPSO – 80 College St. –  for advice on what to do. Individuals and organizations may put in their two cents worth:   https://hpractreatmentofspouses.questionpro.com/  .  Deadline for submissions is Tuesday January 31st, 2012.       

Some state of affairs when  a professional organization dictates to its members whether or not they can have sex with their spouses in a marriage sanctified by law. What happens – Heaven forbid  –   in the unthinkable case that  the doc’s spouse refuses to acknowledge and accept the “no sex” ban and defies the almighty College?   Bit of a problem that! If this current CPSO ruling doesn’t make Ontario the laughing stock of the civilized Western world,  what does?

 So what does it mean exactly?  

Well, as already stated:  if you give your spouse a free sample of antibiotic when he/she complains about a bad cough on the weekend, you’re OFF your spouse for exactly 1 year from the time the meds were swallowed, Honey.

If, after giving your spouse the medicine, he/she happens to express worries about trouble with the kiddies and you respond ….. BOOM !!!! You’re DONE for at least an extra 5 years from the time of that conversation (psychotherapy).

Who’s telling? Nobody in their right mind of course, but if the relationship ever got into trouble, blackmail over the treatment could be used.

 Below is spelled out in precise detail what the CPSO no longer wants the doc and his/her spouse to do to each other. (A shocker for readers with a conservative upbringing). Remember, the spouse has now become “the patient”.


i. sexual intercourse,

ii. genital to genital, genital to anal, oral to genital, or oral to anal contact,

iii. masturbation of the member by, or in the presence of, the patient,

iv. masturbation of the patient by the member,

v. encouragement of the patient by the member to masturbate in the presence of the member.


Egads, the filthy beasts; these people do have dirty minds !!!!  An instruction manual for pervs !!!   Nice people would never think out loud about such abominations.

Imagine CPSO Investigators dropping in unexpectedly to search the premises, check the sheets, question household members   ……………………..


Anybody want to lay bets on whether or not Rocco Vincente sticks to the rules and refuses to treat Mamma Gerace’s burnt arm after she pulls his lasagne out of the oven at Casa Gerace on a Sunday afternoon? The choice and consequences could make your hair fall out.  Ignoring the rules would be the right thing to do of course, That’s “Amore”.


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