Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{February 7, 2012}   CPSO – El-Tantawy Attia (Ph.D) – MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD


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El-Tantawy Attia (Ph.D.) sat on the CPSO Discipline Committee which recently condemned and penalized Dr. Richard Irvine for treating family members for non-urgent conditions.

In the following article (see link), El-Tantawy Attia states he espouses non-violence and follows the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps relevant to mention this “non-violence” excludes the abortion/murdering of normal, late-stage unborn babies. El-Tantawy Attia’s presence on the CPSO Discipline Committee confirms his position and further necessitates intolerance of and attacking and penalizing physians who take a stand against committing such murders, either by refusing to commit them or by advising patients to think before making the decision to murder their unborn child. El-Tantawy Attia  (and the Committee/CPSO) will accuse such a physician of “Professional Misconduct”, even “Incompetence”. The Committee can revoke the license of any physician who refuses to comply.

No wonder smart doctors with an ounce of self esteem and integrity are getting out of Ontario faster than you can say “As Salamu’ Alaykum”.  


Below is the  excerpt from the article’s statement by El-Tantawy Attia


“The “downtown mosque” refers to both Masjid Toronto and the Muslim Association of Canada, both of which are housed in the same building just south of the Greyhound bus station. It first opened in 2002 — Dr. El-Tantawy Attia, a retired engineer originally from Alexandria, Egypt, has been there since day one. Mr Attia says there are few bad apples in every bunch and that the Toronto Muslim community is no exception, but says he preaches “middle of the road Islam” — a seemingly innocuous statement until he qualifies it.

“Here, we follow the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

The Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood is the world’s oldest and largest international Islamic political group. Though it espouses non-violence, the Brotherhood is a banned party in Egypt, where it is the biggest opposition organization in government, known both for its conservatism and its goal of the creation of an Islamic state.”


Of course  “middle of the road Islam” does not exist.  Observant Muslims are commanded to fight unbelievers until they are either dead, converted to Islam, or in a permanent state of subjugation under Muslim domination. Even though they profit from the West, the ultimate goal is to eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within and to replace it with Islam “culture” and “religion”. 

The Muslim Brotherhood boys are an excitable bunch and can often be seen in public squares amid general chaos and disorganization: prone to violence, pushing, shoving, throwing stones, setting fires, destroying cars and buildings and generally shouting hysterically while shaking fists in solidarity and anger.  It appears to be the primary daily occupation for many as shown repeatedly in major news bulletins around the world. Very young boys are often seen in the crowd with their fathers, brothers or uncles, emulating their behaviour while their mothers are presumably working to keep the family going.  Judging by the state of their roads and buildings, the impression in the West is that their “talent” lies in destroying, rather than creating and building up. In a speech to supporters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday June 30, 2012, Egypt’s new President,  Mohamed Morsi said to a cheering crowd that he would work to free Omar Abdel Rahman, the Muslim leader convicted in the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City.    
Islam encourages wife-beating and does not recognize “rape” within marriage.  
I pity muslim wives as they waddle in drab head-to-toe coverings, looking tired and prematurely old – a  few steps behind their husbands –  a brood of children in tow and another on the way,  uncomfortable but resigned in a heatwave which sees their muslim husbands in Western shorts and t-shirt, ogling the bare flesh of Western women who enjoy freedom, not having to worry about heat rashes and unwanted smells under too many layers of clothing . The need for head-to-toe covering for muslim women is unnecessary in the civilized West. There is no desert sand or camel dust to blow in their faces, we have running water which you can drink straight from the tap, excellent garbage and sewer systems, the roads are paved, everything “works” and is organized and Western men don’t turn into rapists at the sight of a woman’s hairdo.  Underneath it all though  ……   the laser hair removal business has never been better since the arrival of the Burqa Belles! 
On the other hand, I have to shake my head in confusion at the mixed message of  young muslim women  in skintight jeans and tops, with their “coneheads” (headscarf over a large fake flower clip to give the illlusion of an abundance of luxuriant hair)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twh8zyTVC9o&feature=related.)   – presumably the muslim equivalent of a padded bra, faking what isnt’ really there.  Total modesty from the neck up but nothing left to the imagination from the neck down.
As long as muslim men kill their wives, sisters, daughters, cousins, nieces over perceived “immodesty” or acting “too Western”, they cannot ever hope to have a democracy.  They have no business serving in any capacity where they sit in judgement of the West in a Western country.

Physicians  must ask WHY El-Tantawy Attia  should qualify to sit in judgment of  non-Muslim doctors, colleagues and patients. It’s a matter of time before docs and patients refuse to accept a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to sit on the Discipline Committee jury,  qualified to influence CPSO decisions involving docs and patients. Allowing this unkempt looking  “token Moslem,  staunch follower of the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood to sit on any jury judging non-Muslim men and women in a non-Muslim country is political correctness carried to a dangerous and unacceptable extreme.  

public members


El -Tantawy Attia’s Facebook network lists around 100 names. El -Tantawy has lived in Canada for more than 28  years. ALL Facebook network contacts –  without a single exception  –  have “middle-Eastern” names.

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