Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors


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Dr. Marc Gabel who recently condemned and penalized his colleague, Dr. Richard Andrew Irvine for treating family members for minor non-urgent conditions has an interesting C.V.   Aside from being a fixture on the Discipline Committee of the College of Physians and Surgeons of Ontario where he sits in judgement of his colleagues, Dr. Gabel – A Jew with Buddhist interests  – moonlights as officiant at straight, gay, lesbian weddings at numerous locations in and outside Toronto  (see links).  A busy boy indeed !

Marc Gabel

 Below the locations where Marc officiates at weddings:
In anticipation of becoming CPSO’s next President, “the Reverend” Dr. Marc Gabel wisely decided not to be even more of an international joke and has withdrawn web references to his being an Officiant at Gay & Lesbian Weddings (previously shown in above links)  though he can still be contacted via Allseasonsweddings.com to officiate at these location.
Ontario docs are speculating whether Marc is IN or OUT of the closet.
“He is a kind and compassionate individual who believes wedding ceremonies should be meaningful but not too serious. His ceremonies are based on the concept of always treating each other with kindness.”
As an active Member of an Organization which condones aborting/murdering unborn babies and in his capacity of Discipline Committee Member   –  Dr. Gabel will condemn any physician who would attempt to talk a patient out of having an abortion, should she wish to have one.  Such a physician would be accused of  having committed an Act of Professional Misconduct and would possibly be found to be Incompetent as well. Dr. Gabel’s concept of “kindness and compassion” clearly does not extend to the unborn and to colleagues who refuse to facilitate murder.  No doubt Marc is “just following orders”.
When giving a public reprimand to former pathologist Dr. Charles Smith (who did not bother to show), it was clear how Marc, who chaired the Committee,  failed to see the profound hypocrisy of his remark when he stated:  

“From the very beginning of our medical education we learned the principle of “primum non nocere.” First of all, do no harm,” Gabel continued, reading aloud. “You clearly ignored this fundamental principle.”    This, from a man who not only condones murder of the unborn but will accuse a colleague attempting to prevent such a murder of “Professional Misconduct” and “Incompetence”.  
Marc Gabel


Here is Marc with a very close relative.  So sweet !   Of course Marc would defend this child’s life with evything in his power.  When it concerns an unborn child  –  not a relative  of his  –  Marc will condemn any doc who tries to talk a patient out of having an abortion. Marc will publicly reprimand and penalize any doc for attempting to do so.

Dr. Gable also states: The medical profession strives to act morally, ethically, and with the best interests of our patients in the forefront of our actions.”
Without delving into the case of Dr. Charles Smith, it is clear that Marc Gabel considers himself above any colleagues who happen to appear before the Discipline Committee of Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. It is difficult to see why Dr. Marc Gabel, a man without principles, considers himself  imminently qualified to judge and penalize others. It is hard to understand that Marc Gabel, a man without principles, officiates at weddings. Only reason could be money, a desire to be in charge,  and the fact that unsuspecting couples  are mostly unaware of Marc’s life philosophy.  
Considering  Marc’s track record, no wonder doctors refuse to appear before a CPSO Discipline Committee to receive official reprimands from “physicians”  like Marc.  Perhaps important to note Marc was a “Peer Asessor” for several years, reporting “alleged” minor shortcomings of his colleagues to his Masters, supplying work to keep the various  CPSO Committees in business and supplement his and their retirement income. Marc’s reward for his diligence?  The next CPSO Presidency! 
Of course individuals like Marc cannot hope to command respect from those with any principles.  Marc brings “dishonour” to the title:  “Dr.”. 
Marc can be contacted at:    doc@gabel.org.  

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