Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{March 7, 2012}   CPSO’s Jill Hefley, Kathryn Clarke, Rocco Gerace …… One Big Happy Famiglia


This  post was the most viewed post in 2012,  in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., apparently causing many to shake their head in disbelief while shrieking with laughter at Ontario’s version of a College of Physicians and Surgeons.



      CPSO  (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario)   –  A LAUGH-A-MINUTE …  BUT NO JOKE!

Who can take seriously a College where “appearing to be working” is elevated to an art by employees who are dumb enough to share it with the world and where “privacy and discretion”  are foreign concepts!   
Docs would have to be idiots to practice medicine in Ontario where  – under existing CPSO rule  – they risk their career, reputation and the welfare of their family. Those who can, leave,  too smart to let their career depend on ex ER doc Rocco Vincente Gerace  (CPSO Registrar) who can be found whiling away the hours when he’s not actively plotting to destroy the careers and reputations of Ontario’s docs – playing with his ipad and making lists of his favourite apps, flogging them to female College staff…… well, you getta da pitcher!
Such is the cozy climate during the average work day at the College and female staff love it. The atmosphere is relaxed with much gossip and obviously not enough work to fill the day.  The lack of discretion of CPSO Associate Director of Communications  (Jill Hefley) and CPSO Senior Communications Co-ordinator (Kathryn Clarke) is beyond alarming.  How many “leaks”  –  significant or otherwise  –  are coming directly from these two gossips whose jobs in “communications” should be in large part about “discretion” ?!
Jill Hefley – CPSO Associate Director of Communications  – was tickled pink when Rocco graced her with his list of personal favourite apps for her new ipad.2. not long ago. Jill and her friends discuss in detail everything – important or not – and post their thoughts on Facebook with frequent updates during the work day in the gushy juvenile jargon my teenage daughter would use with her friends. Jill thought it was all “supercool”,  an interesting gadget to relieve the boredom during the trip to and from Big City on the Go-Train.  Poor girl!
Susan (Webster) Prins  –  Director of Media and Communications of the CPSBC (College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia)  informs the girls that “if they were on their Finance and Audit Committee they’d get one of those too” (freebie ipad). As good a reason as any to join one of the CPSO Committees she feels. If not already available to College committee members, free ipads surely will be on their wish list now.
The College looks after its employees well, though considerably less so after its members. If a doc so much as accepts a free pen, pencil, mug, calendar etc. from a drug rep. or a XMas prezzie from a patient, he/she is in deep trouble if the College finds out.
Jill Hefley – CPSO Associate Director of Communications   and no slouch when it comes to hard work, provides some tips – for those who might have missed it  – on ” How to surf Facebook at work without anyone knowing  and look like you’re slaving away on a spreadsheet”. The boys and girls at the College are no dummies when it comes to “work ethic” . They know what’s expected of them: Look busy !
Kathryn Clarke – CPSO Senior Communications Co-ordinator  – “facebooked” Jill from work for some serious girl talk, wanting to know all about shopping bargains when Jill was away “on business” in Minnesota back in October.
Jill complained to Kathryn about the “worst shopping ever” when she was in Rochester, Minnesota, visiting the Mayo Clinic to learn about “Social Media in the health care environment”. Jill clearly missed the expensive boutiques catering to wealthy Arabs who come to the Mayo for treatment. Kathryn was deeply sympathetic and wanted to know more. Both Co-ordinator and Director had a good gossip about the choice and quality of goods to be had. Well…..after all…   both Jill and Kathryn are in the Communications business. They were just … well … errr ….. doing their jobs ………….  “communicating”………!!!! .. The Membership should feel deeply reassured.
As for Jill’s trip to Geneva, I happen to know from personal experience that the shopping there is excellent!
Jill Hefley – CPSO Associate Director of Communications  , has doubts about “intense Twitter training” at the CPSO (really?). Jill is not convinced of its value and has to admit lots of people are using it but it’s certainly “not as much fun as Facebook” which they like to update during work hours, posting pics, recipes, likes and dislikes, planning time off, complaining about work and painful muscles and generally keeping in touch with friends, fans and family. The membership can rest easy, the latest technology is applied consistently and frequently via Facebook during the average CPSO workday. Communications(Facebook) remain a priority for Jill and Kathryn !  Privacy is not a concern.
 Shenda Tanchak  –  Registrar & CEO of the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario   –  formerly employed as “Manager Policy” by the CPSO  –    gives Jill some solid advice about apps:  “Forget games! You want the Epicurious and Bittman’s How to Cook Everything apps…” 

Shenda Tanchak (right) at a costume party with “Don”.
Contact Shenda at:   stanchak@collegept.org
                             tel.:   Tel: 416-591-3828, ext. 252
Jill comments:  ” This is what happens when you leave the CPSO? Groovy!” 
Maureen Boon  –  CPSO Associate Director Policy  –  tells Jill to keep an “open mind” when it comes to “Twitter”. Perhaps Maureen might keep an open mind when it comes to drafting and implementing policy. Ironically her mind (and those of fellow policy-makers at the College) appear to be closed for repairs when it comes to policy and common sense as it applies to physicians “in the field”. I know of three excellent physicians who have moved out of Ontario in the past 18 months because “policy” made it impossible to practise medicine as it should be practised and they refused to compromise by following CPSO policy at the expense of good medicine.
Jill reports she’s a bit “drowsy” (it’s now just past noon  – 12.09 to be precise).
Lisa Kerr  –  CPSO Associate Director, IT   is also learning to “tweet”.
Contact Lisa at:  lkerr@cpso.on.ca
Jill Elaine Hefley is a true country girl –  unpolished, naive  –  with an insatiable need for gossip and a deep passion for her large dog and for planning girls’ weekends out. Some lovely pics on her public website show a party involving a swimming pool, a few doggies and several CPSO employees.  Don’t get me wrong!  No doubt they’re lovely gals. However, both Jill Hefley and Kathryn Clarke show an astounding lack of discretion generally not compatible with positions such as those of Senior Communications Co-ordinator and Associate Director of Communications at a College in a major Canadian city representing Ontario physicians. “Public Relations” and “Discretion” certainly appear to be foreign concepts to them. As they clearly weren’t hired for brains and beauty, it is likely that their lack of sophistication and discretion were hiring requirements, lest they outshine Senior CPSO employees – both part-time and full-time – who are equally lacking such qualities. College Registrar Rocco Gerace   –   a man without presence, charm, personality and no hint of sophistication  –  would not be able to shine  – however dimly  –  if brighter lights were to illuminate the College halls.
The profound carelessness and unprofessionalism of Kathryn Clarke and Jill Hefley allow outsiders a close look into the daily lives and jobs of these gossips and their colleagues at the College via their Facebook accounts which they use as an open diary chronicling their personal lives and events at the CPSO.    These are not schoolgirls anymore!  Far from it.  Their pics indicate they lost their fight against gravity and cellulite some time ago.  What are their job requirements?      Clearly they desperately need a course in Privacy and Communications. On February 11, 2012 Jill writes on Facebook:   ” I didn’t know this would cause such a firestorm. I tried to get with the program and get a picture up and Facebook prompted me to update my profile and I hadn’t checked off marital status when I first posted. So then, all of a sudden there’s a friggen red heart and it’s suddenly news that I am married. So please note — this was just one of those things, I wasn’t trying to do anything but be careful, anything you do on Facebook seems to warrant some kind of notification.”    No kidding!         Perhaps someone could teach them how to block their Facebook accounts……. hmmmm….. bit late perhaps!   Certainly,“friggen” is hardly language for an Associate Director of Communications – spokeswoman for the CPSO   –   on her very public Facebook site.  Jill’s Facebook page motto is:   “I’d rather wear out than rust out.” 
As mentioned before, Public Relations and Discretion are foreign concepts to these women and I seriously question the need for a CPSO in general if these women represent its standards. Considering the information, as a patient I would not trust the College with any privacy issues I might have. Docs must  find these girls downright laughable, especially when they see who they are dealing with  –  something the College would rather they didn’t know !
Between Rocco-the-Registrar roaming the College halls playing with his apps., showing them off to female staff, the Associate Director of Communications, the Senior Communications Co-ordinator and the Associate Director Policy,  planning girls’ weekends out, drooling over doggie pics, praising their “loveableness” and instructing all how to look busy without actually working  –  is anyone working at all at 80 College St. ?
Have they lost the fine art of composing useless memo’s with copies to everone they can think of and wish to keep as allies? Are they not busy enough making sure that every last latte is recorded on their expense accounts as Dr. Mazza, Head of Ornge  –  and like Rocco-the-Registrar also an Italian-Canadian  –  made it his solemn duty to do? Everyone who’s interested can now be privvy to ever more intimate details about “How The World Turns” at 80 College St.  Clearly they’re having a grand ole’ time and they want the world to know it.

                                                                  Girls’ Holiday
                                                       Jill Hefley –  (2nd from right)
               CPSO’s Braless Associate Director of Communications & Spokeswoman 
                             Jill invites your comments at:    (416) 967-2600 ext. 445
                               “Letting it all hang out ! ”

   CPSO Spokeswoman & Associate Director of Communications 
                    Jill  “supercool-friggen-groovy”  Hefley    (far left)
          Jill invites your comments at:    (416) 967-2600 ext. 445
Above pic removed by CPSO. Cheap and cheerful entertainment
favoured by some senior employees perhaps not showing the
desired gravitas CPSO wishes to convey.
Do we really want to know when Rocco is swinging his apps. and with whom?
Do we really want to know that if you’re on CPSBC’s Finance and Audit Committee, you get a free ipad?
Do we really want to know who travels where and buys what while on College business?
Do we really want to know who put what on their expense account and “got away” with it ?
Do we really want to know what they are doing, thinking and planning during the day?
Does it matter that they are overheard discussing “hot” cases of Ontario physicians at the local hang-out?
As long as Privacy is not an issue and as long as College Spokeswomen Jill Hefley and Kathryn Clarke remain unable to use discretion, not many object to reading about the antics of those who are supposedly busy protecting the public by encouraging complaints about docs and making a good living out of it while not really protecting the public at all. These girls pretty well let it all hang out on Facebook and Twitter, like taking a washroom break in public!
As a patient I have no confidence regarding privacy issues where these CPSO employees are concerned. I can only imagine how docs must feel having to deal with this CPSO “sewing circle”.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario appears to be run by a gaggle of gossipping “girls” overseen by an ineffectual Registrar  -all having one thing in common:    Not too Bright     and    Too much free time!



                                                                         Jill Hefley – CPSO Associate Director of Communications & CPSO  Spokeswoman
                                                                                                                          Contact Jill with your comments at:
                                                                                                                                   (416) 967-2600 ext. 445



                                                   Kathryn  Clarke – CPSO Senior Communications Co-ordinator
                                                              Contact Kathryn with your comments at:
                                                                           (416) 967-2600  ext. 378

                                                                                               Maureen Boon  –  CPSO Associate Director Policy
                                                                                                             Contact Maureen with your comments at:
                                                                                                                             416-967-2600, ext 276
Profile Picture

      Susan (Webster) Prins

To contact Susan (Webster) Prins:   

Phone 604-733-7758 ext. 2248 


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                         CPSO Registrar Rocco Gerace

“U vanna da see my Apps ?”    ( isn’t he just too precious ! )

The pictures (well over 70 proofs) show a man uncomfortable in his own skin, lacking confidence and desperate for approval. The pained smile/grin/grimace looks insincere. The large number of proofs implies vanity as “Real Men” don’t require the number of proofs normally reserved for a small wedding (see link below). “Real Men” give the photographer 15 mins. out of their busy schedule. Clearly Rocco is not overburdened with work. 

“Real” Executives order “head shots”, one hand usually holding a pen rather than both hands covering their full frontal area. 


The beard stubble makes him look unwashed, murky. Teeth do not allow for a good smile.  A fuzzy few hairs on an otherwise bald top look messy and unattractive. I venture to guess Rocco-boy dyes his hair. It’s unnaturally dark for someone his age, usually the result of a “do-it-yourself” cheap home remedy.

Too bad the photographer failed to show his subject in a more flattering, less constipated way. Even though a great many proofs were taken, the photographer had little to work with. A better suit and a substitute for the tasteless tie would have been a start.  Question remains:   What does the Registrar of Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons wish to convey to Canada and the world with his girlishly coy, cutesy poses ?

The photo series is particularly hilarious when “fast-forwarded”.

Contact Rocco at:    rgerace@cpso.on.ca  

The photographer  (D.W. Dorken)      http://www.dwdorken.com/      removed the link to the photo series. He must have agreed the comments hit the mark and that neither the series nor the subject were an endorsement to his talents as a photographer.
It is likely that Rocco, known to be sensitive about any criticism, put pressure on the photographer to remove the link. The College grapevine also discloses that Rocco and Famiglia do not appreciate their photographs published online in the relaxed surroundings made possible by the compulsory donations of docs who have to work hard for a living. See:

ani says:

pathetic, and those are the people ruining physician’s lifes finding everyone guilty of sexual assault and comments!

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