Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

Not long ago the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)  devised yet another way to rid the Province of  physicians. The College wants docs to get tested for blood borne pathogens so they won’t inadvertently infect patients. It all sounds very reasonable and definitely in the interest of the patient. The average Canadian patient will certainly applaud such “protection”.
Most patients don’t realize, however, that the chance of a doctor infecting a patient  –  unless that patient is a vampire  –  is very small indeed .  What’s profoundly illogical and defeats the purpose of the whole exercise is that although the physician must report blood borne diseases, he/she is not allowed to insist on the patient having an AIDS or Hepatitis test. It’s far more likely that the doc will be infected by the patient than the patient by the doctor. Yet, physicians have to take that risk every time they come into contact with the patients’ blood or body fluids.

The doc is clearly at a disadvantage, working “blindfolded”.   
Which idiot would study hard, graduate, start a practice, only to risk losing all when infected by a patient?!  More and more, young Canadian men are avoiding choosing medical careers in Ontario. Not only are patients losing doctors, new docs prefer to practise elsewhere and who can blame them!
The CPSO feels it is entirely justifiable that a patient is protected from a doctor with a blood borne disease.
The CPSO feels it is entirely justifiable that a doctor is NOT protected from a patient with a blood borne disease. 
Is a physician’s health, welfare, livelihood and career less valuable than the health, welfare, livelihood and career of a patient? The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario certainly thinks so.  



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Anonymous says:

I am a Surgeon working in another province , my case is almost similar to Dr Gregory’s one. I need to communicate with dr Gregory, I think it is time for all unfortunate surgeons who contracted BBP for gathering.

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