Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors


Politicians are deeply worried they have to fork over for Boomers and Zoomers who may well live into their mid-eighties or older.  The Government has to fight the effects of  new meds and expensive new inventions to keep people alive even longer.  Deb Matthews’ cuts to healthcare should come as no surprise.  Deb’s just following orders, doing what McGuinty  – hiding under her skirts  –   tells her to do,  as it’s clear that Ontarians aren’t likely to oblige the Government by dying sooner rather than later.  There simply aren’t enough fancy loot bags for everyone!  Some will have to go home with just a sucker.  Expect to be diagnosed late or not at all as a result of Deb’s new ruling where docs can no longer afford to have the latest expensive diagnostic equipment.  In the meantime, a nurse will provide lots of supportive friendly chat and stress-reduction tips so that you’ll at least die happy and feel “cared” for. Only a docs’ strike can save us now!




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