Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{May 28, 2012}   Deb Matthews: Allow Private Medicine – Disband CPSO
There is an immediate and effective solution to the healthcare problem in Ontario.
–          Allow Private Medicine  (as in Quebec).
It will free up more spots and money for OHIP patients. Health care consumers who wish to spend their money on private medicine should be given that option. Toronto already has several Private Clinics.  These clinics are doing very well and there has been no opposition as the Government is well aware that without them, Ontario’s health care system would be even more heavily burdened. Officially though, Private Medicine does not exist in Ontario.
–          Disband the College of Physicians and Surgeons.
The CPSO is an institution the Province can well do without. The CPSO is costing doctors $2000 a year on forced membership.  Added up over a doc’s professional lifetime, it would buy a condo in Florida on retirement.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is too costly to keep and a waste of time. 
Patients with real and truly serious complaints, should use the Courts (Small claims or Superior Court) where they can sue and be compensated in case of injury.  Frivolous complaints  – currently keeping the CPSO in business  –  could be heard in Small Claims Court where a Hearing would be public and would discourage most of such complaints.  Patients complain “because they can”. They are promised anonymity by Ontario’s College of Physians and Surgeons and there are no consequences when a complaint is indeed found to be “frivolous”.
Currently the only way for docs and staff to fight back against patients who lodge frivolous complaints is to “fire” the patient and to publish the names of such patients on one of the many “blacklists” which are circulating and can often be found on the internet. Although docs are not allowed to disclose the names of such patients, more and more docs and staff are listing patients’ names in spite of this. There is little or nothing the CPSO can do. The College is unable to handle the backlog of cases they already have and lawyers who are representing docs are currently told their cases may take years to be heard, if at all.  Patients’ names are disclosed by anybody, especially as so many have access to patients’ records though it’s often the staff who will disclose a name, having already had plenty of experience in dealing with these usually “unpleasant” creatures.  

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