Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{June 8, 2012}   SEDUCTION, SEX and the CPSO

Docs accused of sexual improprieties with female patients appears to be a regular occurrence if the alarming number of cases before the College is any indication. Meticulously recorded accounts detailing descriptions of the naughty bits and who did what to whom – where, with what and for how long –  published in CPSO’s glossy: “Dialogue” – make for some pretty spicy reading  –  keep out of the reach of children please!   At $ 1000/day plus travel expenses paid, CPSO Discipline Committee members get their porn-fix jollies vicariously and regularly as they delve with enthusiasm into minute details of the alleged abuse. Docs are portrayed as sex fiends, panting and lusting after women patients at every opportunity. Plenty of job security for the boys and girls at the CPSO.   
This month, 4 out of 7 docs are alleged to have sexually abused a patient.  That’s more than 50% of cases before the College.   See   http://www.cpso.on.ca/whatsnew/committeeschedule/default.aspx?id=1448      If it weren’t for sexual abuse complaints, many CPSO Employees would be without a job. Sex is the College’s bread and butter and keeps the team of strictly female in-house lawyers in business as well.  
Of course this begs the question:  Are docs so sex-deprived they cannot control themselves  in the presence of female patients?  Are their female patients so sexually irresistible they lose all reasoning and become the rutting studs the College would have everyone believe they are? Certainly, the College has made every effort  –  and has succeeded   –  in not hiring female staff, lawyers included, who can be remotely called attractive.  Temptation is a frightening prospect !
How do you  –  innocent maiden  –  defend your “honour” when the doc finds you absolutely too delectable to resist and must have you or die? You could of course rely on the power of a well-aimed, well-placed kick right in the bulls eye …….. eeeeekkk !!!!   Crude and painful but effective.  When a bit of legwork is not possible, what’s wrong with “twist and turn”?  Of course you could always request   –  loudly and indignantly   –  that he  “take that silly little thing and stuff it back into your pocket”  –  painless no?  No violence and by far the more sophisticated remedy.  
As I see it, unless a female patient is underage or is totally paralyzed and unable to speak, there would certainly be something she could do. After all, it’s the doc  –  not the patient  – who is in the vulnerable position. It  amazes me that the number of sex-related cases before the College appears to be hugely out of proportion to the number of remotely sexy or even moderately attractive women littering docs’ waiting rooms. I don’t buy the explanation that the patient was “intimidated” by the sight of the doc’s certificate on the wall or by any part of the doc’s anatomy normally hidden by a white coat (I hope). If these women are intimidated, then at least they’re partly to blame for buying into the apparently generally accepted rule that the doc holds a superior position. Ever noticed how mosts docs will introduce themselves as Doc X, while calling the patient by the first name? Passively accepting this patronizing attitude would have the fella believe that he is indeed “superior” if not “senior”. Sweetly ask for his first name and watch the dynamic change instantly. You have now established that you will not accept the” junior role” and consider yourself his social equal. It’s highly unlikely he will choose you as his next victim when he realizes you just aren’t worth the effort.  Sometimes I wonder if these victims of sexual abuse don’t try their darndest to get a response from a doc  –  which of course does not excuse the doc in the least. I would love to see these “victims”.  Are they cute, pretty, young, blushing virgins or provocative sirens?  Probably neither. At any rate, no woman deserves credibility when she uses the excuse:  “I didn’t know what was happening until it was too late and I felt ………..” .    What was she doing ………  standing/sitting/lying there with her eyes closed?  There had to be something leading up to what she calls “sexual abuse”.  Men (unless they’re rapists), have the sensible habit of making sure the object of their desire is receptive before acting so that there is no misunderstanding and they won’t look like fools or have the woman turn on them. Did the patient miss all the signs? There are quite a number of them, some subtle, others less so.  Heavy breathing …… ?   Sympathize with his asthma or allergy attack. Ask if you should get reception to bring him some water.  Try as I might, I can’t imagine a patient not knowing what’s going on “before it’s too late”.  I know I would start laughing uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of the situation which  –  I assure you  –  would be enough for even the slightest interest to flag and wane fast.  Certainly I’ve very rarely met a doc with movie-star looks worth fantasizing about.   
A  mystery are those cases where the female patient continues to make follow-up appointments with the abusing doc and complains of repeatedly being abused by him. Who are these girls kidding?  I have no sympathy for them. Perhaps they were hoping to get something out of the “relationship which failed to materialize. The complaints are always made after weeks or months, even years of sexual “abuse”. You would expect there would be no way anybody could get them to continue to make appointments, no way, no how!  Still, they keep coming back for more, even if they have to travel some distance to be subjected to yet another “traumatic” experience. There must be a pay-off somewhere! Still curious about the “abusees” though!   Considering the alarming epidemic of sexual abuse apparently prevalent in medical circles, should those of us who have not been so approached feel we are perhaps not “worthy” of such male attention?  Should we  feel insecure about our looks and ability to attract a male ?    Mirror, mirror on the wall ……….  ?   Perhaps we should complain to the College that the doc’s failure to make a pass made us feel insecure and negatively affected our confidence as women, causing depression!  As CPSO Registrar Rocco Gerace well knows, in Italy attractive ladies expect to be pinched at least a couple of times when out in public   ……… Bella, Bella !!!!!!    If you consider yourself attractive, it would be insulting to be ignored !
Fiddle-dee-dee ladies……!  The days of Scarlett O’Hara are well behind us but  Scarlett certainly knew how to defend her honour against naughty gentlemen without ever stooping to report them to the local authorities. It was considered an art and part of a lady’s upbringing to be able to cleverly but firmly discourage forward gentlemen (or reel them in if that was your intention) and put them in their place so prettily that they imagined they’d just been paid a compliment . You can’t have me believe that in this enlightened age of “emancipation”,  where having sex is like having an after-dinner mint, you’ve lost your tongue (pardon the pun) and can’t make a fella understand that his advances are unwelcome. Rhett Butler has not had his equal in a very long time so I feel no sympathy towards my sisters who turn into shy virgins when setting foot in a doctor’s office.  Certainly if the experience was so painful for you, why on earth would you wish to relive it by complaining to the College, having it rehashed in colourful detail and printed for all the world to see? Your case will be permanently on-line to be “googled” by anyone with a dirty mind and those in small towns can easily guess who you are, even if your name isn’t mentioned. Could it be you complained to the College because your story might not hold up under scrutiny in a true Court and because you’ve been promised anonymity?  
So what’s a girl to do?  I’d say a hearty laugh at the offender’s offering   –   “are you serious ……..you’ve got to be kidding me”  –  would reduce embers to ashes in no time. Have a good giggle at the doc’s expense and who did he think he was anyway, George Clooney?!   Inform Reception in front of a full waiting room loudly of the event (a wonderful way to get even with them for repeating your personal info loudly in front of that same waiting room full of people when you checked in). Ask for your charts on the spot as you wish to take them to the next doc (unlikely you will get opposition at this point ). Inform them the doc will hear from your lawyer or the police who would put the fella in jail (if you intend to go that route, but you’ll have to prove your case so you had better be sure). Very satisfying. Leave, and find another doc and don’t rely on the College’s Old Boy network to defend and protect your maidenly virtue. For those women who are too meek to speak up or who even go back for more:   How do you manage your daily life as a doormat anyway? Is it working for you?
C”mon girls, be honest, we all knew how to deal with gropers, panters and dorks in our school days. We never stooped to reporting one who crossed the line to the Principal or Headmaster did we?!  We did not require expensive counselling (now paid for by the offending doc). We dealt with them quickly and efficiently ourselves. In fact, most of us were a bit flattered even if the poor sod was a fumbling dolt. The poor klutz would be the subject of much hilarity among our closest female friends. You’ve hopefully gained some experience since those days when you were a blushing virgin and you’ve learned how to handle difficult situations and speak up for yourselves. How is it then that you allow the awkward, nerdy, pimply youth with the glasses who couldn’t get a date for the school dance to “intimidate” you sexually. to the point where you need counseling, now that he’s got a medical degree? You don’t know how to tell him to get lost? What’s happened to “no” and a firm slap on the wrist or a kick in the kishkes for good measure when his (mis)behaviour warrants it.  He’ll get the message loud and clear and you’ll have prevented the publishing of titillating titbits at your expense in the “Dialogue” x-rated magazine edition of a College where your complaints will mainly be heard by retired male docs and public electees with their mind in the gutter, licking their chops at your expense while chuckling and drooling over intimate details of unbridled passion and sexual escapades between docs and female patients which could only exist in their wildest imaginations and which are just about the only thing keeping them from nodding off in an otherwise deadly dull existence.
A deterrent for graduates to choose medicine is that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario considers treatment of a spouse to be sexual abuse and the College imposes a “no-sex” ban for 1 year (5 yrs. if the doc was guilty of counseling the spouse).  Don’t ask how they rationalize it, they haven’t quite been able to figure that one out yet.  Presumably Rocco-the-Registrar will spend nights under the beds of “guilty” couples to enforce the ban. No wonder he looks a bit green these days. His dedication is commendable. There can’t be a doc left anymore who can hope to have a medical career and maintain a spotless reputation. With such prospects, fewer smart graduates are choosing medical careers and opt instead for careers where they get paid more, work less and do not endanger their entire career and reputation quite so easily. The problem of sexual abuse of female patients by their docs might well sort itself out that way. In fact, medicine is fast becoming a “female” occupation. Time will tell if male patients will complain about sexual abuse at the same rate as female patients do now but somehow I doubt it.  Perhaps female docs will be complaining about sexual advances by their male patients. A “sticky” situation as the powers of the CPSO do not extend to abuse of docs by patients.  Presumably female docs will then have to sue the patient in a true court of law and prove their case there. As female docs are unlikely to be as easily intimidated by the CPSO as their male counterparts  – they are often not the main breadwinners  –   things are bound to change and could get interesting. 
 The CPSO  has a particularly unhealthy preoccupation with “sex”.  They never turn down an opportunity to thoroughly research the most intimate details of a colleague’s alleged sexual peccadilloes.  Apparently something to do with male insecurity and rivalry as in: “Yours isn’t bigger than mine is it?”.  Many Discipline Committee Members are well into their “80’s, where they can still dream, but not much else.  As long as we, women, continue to provide them with juicy details of sexual encounters, the joke’s on us.
Personally I’d rather sell my story to an x-rated magazine and get paid for my troubles. The account would be kinder and less crude than the final CPSO version of events published on their website.

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