Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{June 14, 2012}   TLC in MATTAWA – CPSO takes out yet another DOC


Following article appeared in the Medical Post.  The tiny town in question is Mattawa  –  population 2,000.



Ontario MD loses licence for having sex with suicidal patient


Written by Jered Stuffco on June 13, 2012

TORONTO | An Ontario doctor has lost his medical licence and been ordered to pay extra costs for having a sexual relationship with a suicidal patient.

The ruling against Dr. Bryan Williams, a long-practising physician in the community of Mattawa about 70 kilometres east of North Bay, was made on Monday.

Dr. Williams, while acknowledging that his conduct constitutes “sexual abuse of a patient,” told the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario that he was struggling from his own depression issues at the time.

The woman first came to Dr. Williams in 1991 and remained his patient until March 20, 2008.

Williams received his independent practice license in 1990, and he acted as the woman’s family physician and treated her for depression, among other things, over several years.

At the Mattawa General Hospital, Dr. Williams had treated the woman for “anxiety, depression or suicidal ideation” on several occasions in 2006, through to September 2007.

But according to an agreed statement of facts presented at the college hearing, the pair had sexual intercourse on “approximately” two occasions in February and March of 2007.

According to evidence presented at the hearing, following an admission to the Mattawa General Hospital in September of 2007, the woman went back to the hospital and told various “health professionals” about the nature of her relationship with Dr. Williams.

As part of mandatory regulations, the college launched an investigation into whether or not the woman had been sexually abused.
But in April of 2008, the investigator probing the case received an anonymous recantation letter. The letter stated that the initial allegations had been made after the doctor rejected further sexual “overtures,” according to hearing documents.

In a followup interview, the woman told the college investigator that she had sent the letter, but only after Dr. Williams drafted the initial text and encouraged her to send it.

Hearing documents state that Dr. Williams admitted to “drafting the words contained in the recantation letter and encouraging (the woman) to send” it to the college.

Along with immediately losing his license to practice, Dr. Williams was ordered to pay $3,650 for the hearing costs, and to post a letter of credit.

The letter of credit sets out that Dr. Williams will reimburse the college for any additional treatments for the woman.

According to a college spokesperson, Dr. Williams could make another licence application in five years.

“Should he reapply, it would be up to him to demonstrate to the discipline committee that he is suitable to be reinstated.”













Dr. Bryan Edward Williams knew the woman/patient/”victim”  for 17 years. For the doc, just about everyone he meets socially in a small town is also his patient.  Small towns have few or no boundaries.  Was Dr. Williams a “first offender”?   Clearly hormones got the better of them both. Both were depressed and were perhaps comforting each other.  The woman was not raped,  did not call police but came back for more and sex was consensual. So why the complaint? Was there a breach of promise ? Besides being “dramatic’,  how “responsible” is the CPSO (Lisa Spiegel in this case) when it takes away the livelihood from a doc who is already “depressed” . How “responsible” is the CPSO when it removes a doc from an underserviced area? What was the part the woman played in the affair? Was she without blame? If not, why does the CPSO support her in her role of “victim” ?  No doubt the fact that CPSO’s lawyers are all female might have something to do with it.  Dr. Williams is an extremely well-respected doc with a distinguished career who has done a tremendous amount of work for the community. It is tragic and unbalanced to see the CPSO dismiss the doc’s invaluable contribution to that community in order to give one woman “revenge”. Patients may get very ill because of lack of medical care. CPSO’s mandate is to “protect the public”. What is more serious, a romp in the hay by two middle-aged romeos or taking away medical care from at least 1000 in tiny Mattawa?  In its arrogance, the College – comfortably surrounded by medical clinics at every corner  –  decided the fate of Mattawa’s residents without consulting them.


Astonishing how some individuals will turn to the College to give them a thrill with an insight into their sexual escapades when things go sour or their “conscience” gets in the way and they fear repercussions. They believe choosing to be “victims” will put the ball firmly in the other court and will absolve them from any responsibility in the matter.  If only they knew or could see who is in charge of handling their cases at the CPSO, they’d never write that letter or make that call.  Of course they count on remaining anonymous.  The 39-year old “victim” also had sex with Dr. Williams’ colleague, Dr. Clint Anthony Redhead. The “victim” acted irresponsibly twice. Once by having sexual intercourse with two village docs. The second time by ratting on them, punishing the other residents of the town by depriving them of not one,  but two GP’s.  Mattawa is the latest town with a CPSO-induced doctor shortage. OHIP will have to find two other docs willing to take on the town. No doubt they’ll have to bribe the docs with a hefty signing bonus and lots of other goodies.


The pair had sexual intercourse on “approximately two occasions”. Well errrrrrr ……….  you’d know if you had sex more than once. How can you have sex “approximately” twice:    once + a bit, but not quite twice …….  ?!  A good defense lawyer would have had  fun with that and certainly made the most of it.  Seems to me such a  “traumatic” experience  –  for the victim  –  would leave no doubt as to the number of occasions and would be burned forever in her memory to haunt her in nightmares for years to come.  Fact is, the experience was so    “not memorable”     that the “victim” can’t even remember whether she had sex once or twice. Things can get a bit confusing of course when you have sex with two middle-aged men around the same time. Hard to recall who did what to whom and when. If the doc didn’t remember, at least the “victim” should as it was the basis of her complaint.       If she didn’t remember, what was she complaining about?       The doc’s defense lawyer was incredibly passive. For pleading guilty, the doc didn’t even get a deal.  His license was revoked, not for a few months, but for 5 years. He has to pay $ 3,650 for hearing costs and has to reimburse costs to the College for “any additional treatments” required by the “victim” resulting from the trauma of her having had sex with him.


What did the “victim” hope to gain by complaining?    Revenge for an affair gone sour?  Indeed she did say she wanted “revenge” because the doc had turned down her sexual overtures, as had the other doc. As Dr. Williams has already lost his licence he might as well leak the woman’s name, change careers and start training to become a lawyer, a significantly shorter study,  far less responsibility and very little risk.  Too bad the doc and his colleague Dr. Clint Redhead  –  who had sex with the same patient  –   decided to go “slumming” and dipped into the patient pool.  This woman was the common denominator. Clearly there’s no accounting for taste. Reports state the woman was usually “unkempt”. Life must be dull indeed in small-town Mattawa. It must have been nearly impossible to find anyone more suitable to get cozy with who wasn’t already a patient in the tiny town of Mattawa.  Boredom can result in unwise, unfortunate choices. Residents in small-town communities shouldn’t be surprised if they can’t find docs willing to live and practise there.  Small towns are extremely dangerous for a doc’s career and smart docs will do well to limit their time to practise there.


The “victim” will receive counselling paid for by dr. Williams, and possibly further counselling paid for by Dr. Redhead.   The counsellor – if male – should consider himself warned and keep a large solid table between himself and the “victim” or better yet, refer her to a female colleague as it’s not  a stretch to imagine he could well be the third victim.


One may hope that Dr. Bryan Williams and Dr. Clint Redhead risked their reputations, careers and livelihood for a rare and elusive female beauty with irresistible charms who offered delights no mere mortal could refuse,  the sweet memories of which will last a lifetime.


Mattawa patients will now have to make-do with a nurse  instead of an experienced doctor   –   all in the name of “sexual political correctness”.  I could care less if my doctor had a fling with a patient, as long as he knew modern medicine. What really worries me is the chronic alcoholic or druggie doctor with a pickled brain and impaired judgment who can coast along for years without the College or patients being any the wiser and who might at best get a reprimand if found out, but not much more. I can turn down sexual advances but I have no defense against impaired judgment I might not be able to recognize. Personally I’d choose the “sexual abuser” over the druggie or alcoholic doc any time.


Of course it is not right that the names, reputations and careers of these docs are on the skids and that  –  no matter what the outcome  –   the CPSO allows the “victim” to remain anonymous.










Doctor cleared of sex abuse in love triangle that cost colleague his job


Written by JERED STUFFCO on May 28, 2013 for The Medical Post

A doctor who was involved in a love triangle with a mental health patient and a second physician will not lose his licence, the provincial college ruled.

The North Bay Nugget reported that Dr. Clint Anthony Redhead can continue to work following allegations of sexual abuse.

According to a written statement from the College of Ontario Physicians and Surgeons, sexual abuse cannot occur if there is no patient-doctor relationship.

“The discipline committee cannot make a finding of sexual abuse if a physician engages in sexual relations with someone who was not a patient at the time the sexual relations took place,” said the statement.

However, the college did find on May 15 that Dr. Redhead’s conduct was “dishonourable” since he had a sexual relationship with the patient after their professional relationship ended.

The college hearing heard that the doctor gave the patient, who cannot be named, gifts during their relationship.

“Dr. Redhead also gave gifts to Ms X. He knew that she was emotionally and financially needy. The giving of gifts by Dr. Redhead to someone who he knew had such problems served only to deepen her dependence on him and thus exploited her vulnerability and augmented the power imbalance between them,” the college stated.

The North Bay Nugget reported that those gifts included cash and anti-depressants.

The ruling comes nearly a year after colleague Dr. Bryan Williams, who worked closely with Dr. Redhead, lost his license for an affair with the same patient.



The North Bay Nugget    –   November 11, 2013







CPSO Lawyer Lisa Spiegel

For further details or to leave your comments contact Lisa at:   lspiegel@cpso.on.ca




Anonymous says:

I know the woman that claimed this happened to her … her daughter told me years ago that she was doing it for money. Dr. redhead is my doctor and he is a very good doctor. He looks after his patients and makes sure they are always in good hands. He helped me out in the hardest times. This woman has slept with multiple men and was going after the towns doctors for money. She had it planned. She is not the victim… they are. I’ve known her and her family for years they manipulate people and would do anything for money. It’s sad to read because everyone thinks the Dr’s are the bad people but they just fell into her trap.

anonymous says:

Health professionals are in a position of power and responsibility. I find this comment very offensive and sexist!!! Who is to say that a doc who is allowing his boundaries to be blurred to his point with a consumer of his services who is so unstable and has these admittedly hard to handle traits, is not also using drugs and alcohol as the commentor has assumed? Not every member of the general public is versed in protecting boundaries the way health professionals are, and not everyone has the power and responsibility a doc does. These are challenging issues and ones that our professional colleges must address. It would be great if they would be addressed more proactively and preventatively more often with everyone!

Cass says:

I am not one to ‘blame the victim’. Being a doctor in a small town can be difficult. As someone who has lived in the particular small town and also been subjected to the wild claims and attempted cash grabs of some of its classiest residents I can say without a doubt that the town lost two EXCELLENT doctors to this woman’s manipulation. There was no advantage taken, she took advantage of them and some fuzzy rules that would have made every person in the small town patients of these doctors.

I would caution anyone and everyone against moving to Mattawa. If you have money, there will always be someone around there who will do any and every despicable act to get it from you. I have never lived in a place so infected with a culture of laziness and greed.

To the good people of Mattawa, I apologize to you. I know you’re there. LEAVE.

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