Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{June 19, 2012}   Mattawa (Ontario) – Career Killer for Docs


The sex scandal in Mattawa involving two GP’s and a woman with serious psychological problems who often appeared “unkempt”  –   will have many scratching their heads in disbelief. Perhaps the “unwise” decisions and actions by both docs might be better understood with some background information.


Mattawa is a small town of about 2,000 and the number of residents continues to decline. Should a doc practising in Mattawa decide he wants to go to Toronto for a weekend for any reason, a return flight from North Bay to Toronto is $1300  –  not cheap by any standards. A 7-night Cuban vacation from Toronto costs as much.
Many of Mattawa’s residents are unemployed.  A quick look at Mattawa’s sex and online-dating sites reveals a large number of lonely souls of both genders looking for action in the area. There just isn’t much to do in small-town Mattawa and nearby North Bay isn’t exactly exciting (though it does have 2 stripclubs).   There are other sites for Mattawa listing more lonely hearts. All in all, a disproportionate number of entries by residents of tiny Mattawa, all desperately searching for love, sex or both.
With so many looking for “company” in Mattawa, not much entertainment, and the knowledge that the “victim” of the sex scandal had been quite actively pursuing both docs for quite some time, perhaps it is not hard to imagine, each doc felt that, rather than continue to be pestered by the woman, they’d bite the bullet, give her 10 minutes, and get it over with. Not a wise decision, not excusable, but perhaps  –  just  –  understandable, given the woman’s persistence.  Unrelieved boredom can drive the most sane and rational person to do silly things and make ill-judged decisions.
With CPSO’s zero-tolerance policy, however, docs take a huge risk practising in small towns in the North. In cases such as these the College allows no mitigating circumstances and without fail, the doc will be found guilty and lose his licence and reputation.  
See also:    https://badpatients.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/tlc-in-mattawa-cpso-takes-out-another-doc/

Freddy Turth says:

#1 -I would like to denounce your article title as Mattawa (Ontario) Career Killer for Docs – you have based this statement on the actions of two doctors and have not referenced the infrastructure in place or the opportunity for a new doctors to have access to 6000 regional patients.

#2 – Yup! you could fly commercial air lines from north bay at a high cost of $1300, or you could jump in your car and drive 3.5hrs down the newly completed four lane highway for under $30 in fuel, the next weekend you could venture to Ottawa in your car in only 2.5 hours! OHHH the choices! and heck.. most doctors have the $ to buy their own float planes! lots of lakes and rivers to park one of those!

#3 – Has the writer of the above article ‘unifsenuf’ ever been to area? you base excitement and the demographic of the people in the area by taking a look POF? lol I site not just for casual encounters and dating but a service to make new friends? maybe there is a high % of ad’s due to the high availability of wireless internet service!

“Mattawa & nearby North Bay isn’t exactly exciting’ A typical citidiot’s insight (def: a person from an urban centre that travels to a rural area and shows ignorance) Sure the region doesn’t have 6 malls, row upon row of box stores and bumper to bumper traffic… but if your looking for something exciting or even relaxing you could go ATV’in, Boating, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Camping, Canoeing, Biking, Live Music, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Movies, Shopping, Waterskiing, Hunting, Glamping, Snowshoeing, Kick Sledding, Skiing, Golfing, Eat at restaurants, Play Cards, Learn and yes even join a online site to meet new friends or that special someone!

I do realize that this is just a blog and that the writer of the blog is not a recognized journalist nor has any reputable credentials that I can find – so a word of caution when reading articles on this blog that statements made within may be non-factual, untrue, wrong, exaggerated and opinionated.

amanda says:

I’ve lived in Mattawa for long enough to completely agree with this blogger actually. The fact is that this town has an abundance of drug addicts. Nothing for the younger generations to do if their families don’t have money for all these things you mentioned. There’s no work and a high percentage of people on social assistance and a high crime rate. So honestly you may want to take a look at the facts before calling some one out on things you think are lies. This is a tourist town… There’s a couple business’ closing and some going bankrupt. The reason the rest stay open are because they’re necessities like food, pharmacy and gas. Aside from that though one restaurant can’t be open all day every say because there’s not enough money here to rely on. Eventually it’ll get to the point that this place will become a retirement town and tourist attraction unless they do something to create jobs worth doing for the younger generations. I work in customer service and mostly all I heard during voyageur days from locals was that its always the same and there’s not enough for kids to do. So honestly when that’s what they say about the biggest tourist attraction here all year I wonder how much hope there is left for this place. All I know is most of the younger people just want to move away and only come back to visit their families. Unfortunetly there’s nothing keeping them here.

Yolande says:

Amanda – high rate of crime – please state your source and the statistics as compared to other towns or cities (Toronto had 43 murders so far this year- I wonder how many occurred in Mattawa in the last year???) …High percentage of people on social assistance again what are the statistics…please provide facts. Drug addicts…they are all over Canada…Life is what you make of it…people make mistakes…I tend to agree with # 3 – if you want to do nothing and complain – that’s your choice, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, then so be it…but don’t ever make excuses when inteligent professionals who know better make mistakes…According to newspaper articles these doctors alledgedly made a mistake, they are paying dearly for their mistake…I am not here to judge them because we all make mistakes…the victim is the one that suffered the most here. The excuse stated above is boredom…give me a break!!! The younger generation have nothing to do – BS! there is plenty for them to do…hockey, baseball, soccer, and all the items mentioned in #3’s comments…Parents don’t have money – maybe the younger generation should get together with their friends go swimming, slidding, exploring, play cards, or play kick the can…we found things to do outside when we were kids and beleive me coming from a large family my parents did not have any spare money. I agree that a lot of us moved away from Mattawa for various reasons…higher educations, jobs, etc…but this is not a new phenomenon…it was happening in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…etc… but, from my point of view it certainly was not out of boredom…

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