Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors


OMA says context needed in ‘millionaire doctors’ report

Written by JERED STUFFCO on July 17, 2012

TORONTO | The president of Ontario Medical Association said Tuesday that “context” is needed when looking at how much doctors earn, after the provincial health minister said she was “appalled” by how much some doctors earn.

In an email to the Medical Post, OMA president Doug Weir said billings do not equal take home pay.

“The average physician billings do not take into account overhead expenses, which are approximately 35 to 40%,” said Weir.

According to numbers revealed by the Toronto Sun, one doctor in the province billed the province for $6.4 million in 2010.

The newspaper said that five other physicians billed more than $3 million that year. The report said that the list of 407 doctors who billed more than $1 million is “dominated” by specialists like opthamologists, radiologists and cardiologists.

But Weir said that the vast majority of doctors in the province actually take home far less.

“While it’s easy to sensationalize some of the numbers, a quick review of the data shows that the average total billing for an Ontario doctor after taking into account expenses is about $200,000,” said Weir.

The data on doctor earnings is the latest chapter in the long-running battle between the cash-strapped province and its doctors over physician pay.

Weir also said that higher billings often reflect higher volumes of patients–which is a good thing.

“It’s important to point out that Ontario’s doctors are seeing more patients and providing more services than ever before,” he said, adding that the number of services required by patients has increased by 3.7% annually over the past five years.

Earlier, Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews said doctors in the province are simply earning too much.

“I was appalled when I saw how many were making in excess of $1 million,” Matthews told the Toronto Sun this week.

“Some doctors are getting paid too much. We need to address the issue of relativity. Some doctors in some specialties are earning a fraction of what doctors in other specialties are earning.”


“Deb”  ought to be ashamed for misrepresenting a large section of the public.  Our health is our most important asset.  Why should physicians not deserve adequate – or yes, even generous –  compensation for services provided? Why should docs CARE about us if our attitude is that their services  are not worth what they are paid, or that they should be paid LESS ?!  Cheap shot “Deb”!  Her attempts at brainwashing the public will perhaps get her some extra votes (her single most important objective), take attention away from her part in “Ornge”. Where do people think “Deb” will be to bail them out at some point in the future when Ontario’s Health Care system – not optimal to begin with, through no fault of its physicians  –  has further eroded and patients are unable to get the care they need?  “Deb” has shown herself to be no better than the manipulative, frumpy, less than brilliant Granny she presents to the public.

We wisely tell our children to “ignore” silly accusations by others because to respond would only fuel the fire and perpetuate the mudslinging. Hopefully the  OMA (Dr. Doug Weir)  will be the wiser one, consider the source, and ignore  Deb.  For people like Deb there is nothing worse than to be ignored.  Dr. Doug Weir, whose specialty is “psychiatry”, knows this all too well.  Of course it doesn’t help that she has just been summoned to the “Ornge” Inquiry for further questions.  Clearly she has not been given a clean bill of health for the Ornge Affair yet. It’s likely her childish renewed attack on docs at this point is a small-town politician’s way of dealing with anxiety and an attempt to deflect the spotlight from herself.  Deb is well out of her depth on how to plug the financial hole in the dike !




Contact Deb Matthews with your comments at:

Primary Constituency Office
242 Piccadilly Street
London, ON N6A 1S4
Tel: (519) 432-7339
Fax: (519) 432-0613

Email: dmatthews.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org


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