Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{July 31, 2012}   “Ornge” – Deb Matthews squeaky clean – it wasn’t her fault – it was the other guy !





Dr. Mazza’s expense account  had to be approved by someone !!!   (disclosed January 2013).


Untrained friends and family members were given jobs at Ornge earning $ 20,000 – $30.000 +   a month. Dr. Mazza’s girlfriend was hired and received fast promotions to provide personal social services. When have we seen a more classic example of shameless nepotism recently? 

 You have to shake your head when you consider that though Canada is right next to the US, Ornge ordered Italian helicopters, only to discover that the ceilings were far too low as they are designed for short, squat Italians, not for Canadians. For that much money you’d think they’d done some research on the product they were buying.

If Deb’s ministerial intelligence service is so poor she has no clue what’s going on in her ministry, perhaps she should go back to being a social worker before she does any more damage.  Blaming others is not the way to go.  If you wish to lead, then lead, know what’s going on and be responsible !  

Deb wouldn’t let anyone talk, was outrageously defensive but didn’t say anything concrete or useful and tried to prevent anyone from getting a word in edgewise. What she said was unreasoned and far from intelligent , but no one could fail to notice Deb’s BIG, FAT      ……………..     mouth!   Best tactic when you’ve got nothing to say is to shout down the opposition and to Deb, this seems to come naturally. Perhaps this gullible small-town girl was taken in by a smooth-talking, good-looking Italian and couldn’t refuse this pretty medical toy-boy the contract.

Deb cost the taxpayer masses of money, having to pay for the Italian helicopters and employing Mazza’s girlfriend and other hangers-on.  Deb blew the Budget and now  insist docs’ fees should be cut.  It all seems to make sense somehow ……….. !

March  2013


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