Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

If president Clinton could remain standing while Monica did her thing  (excuse the expression)  and continue to be highly respected by the world as it continues to benefit from his political experience, who is the CPSO to waste a doctor’s medical knowledge and experience with a zero tolerance policy, sacrificing the good of many for the benefit of one!  Sexual encounters are a fact of life in all professions and all walks of life  –  even at the College.  Adults move on when affairs come to an end. Employers have no intention to sort out the “love lives” of their employees, they’re too busy with far more important things. The golden rule is be discreet and never let an affair influence the work sphere. There is no committee to make a complaint to. You are an adult, act like it, get over it!  
If  sexual “abuse” by a doctor amounts to “rape” or involves a minor, I agree, but it hardly ever seems to be the case and more often than not in cases of “repeat performance” it’s a matter of the doc not coming up with the goods. Not so much a matter of abuse as a matter of the patient’s expectations not being met. What did they expect? Being able to quit a boring day job at Walmart or Costco?  
Why on earth would I need a College to defend my ‘honour” with a zero-tolerance policy? How very patronizing of the College boys to suggest that, as a woman, I require “assistance” or “intervention” !  I’ve known how to deal with over-eager men for most of my adult life thank you very much, as do most women.  Women in the Olympics recently competed in boxing, judo, wrestling, weightlifting, etc. Does the College truly think that in these enlightened times, women are so pathetic they are unable to reject the advances of a middle-aged, over-the-hill quack? More likely it’s a matter of the College boys being sexually repressed peeping toms!
Come to think of it, is the sexual relationship between a Senior CPSO male (physician) Staff member and a female (non-physician, non-patient) fairly Senior Staff member just an “affair”, or is it “sexual abuse” as the Staff Member (doc) in the most senior position has more power? Does the zero tolerance policy apply?
Perhaps interesting that Marylou McPhedran who pushed so hard for zero-tolerance prefers the company of girls to boys and left a nice husband and two school-age sons for her wealthy girlfriend years ago. She’s had it in for males, especially doctors ever since.   
The Government of Ontario is offering docs up to $500,000 to entice them to work in “the North”. Yet, the CPSO continues to waste Canadian-trained doctors’ medical training and experience over trivia as if they are a-dime-a-dozen, preferring instead to replace them with doctors from poor, third-world countries where it is normal to see people die at a much younger age than is the case in North America and who might not fight as hard to save a life as doctors might in the West. Personally, I could care less if my doctor had a fling with a patient, as long as he knew modern medicine. What really worries me is the chronic alcoholic or druggie doctor with a pickled brain and impaired judgment who can coast along for years without the College or patients being any the wiser and who might at best get a reprimand if found out, but not much more. I can easily turn down sexual advances but I have no defense against impaired judgment I might not be able to recognize. Personally I’d choose the “sexual abuser” over the druggie or alcoholic any time.

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