Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{September 10, 2012}   Female Patients claim Doc uses Penis as Tongue Depressor !

Toronto doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients


By Sam Pazzano ,Toronto Sun
First posted: Thursday, September 06, 2012 06:56 PM EDT | Updated: Thursday, September 06, 2012 07:10 PM EDT
Dr. George Doodnaught. (Stan Behal/Toronto Sun files)
TORONTO – A respected North York anesthesiologist allegedly placed his penis in the mouths of 11 female patients and touched, kissed and fondled the breasts of other patients over a 19-year period.
These allegations by 30 patients of Dr. George Doodnaught have been referred to the discipline committee by the College of Physician and Surgeons complaints committee.
This is the first time the specific details of the alleged sexual misconduct have been revealed against the 64-year-old doctor. He practised for 28 years at North York General and other facilities in the GTA from 1982 until 2010.
It is alleged that in June 1992, Doodnaught “engaged in sexual impropriety with Patient “A” by among other things, inappropriately touching her breasts and placing his penis in her mouth.”
He also placed his penis in the mouth of Patient C in December 2006, Patient E in July 2007, Patient J in December 2008, Patient L in June 2009, Patient N in September 2009, Patient Q in October 2009, Patient U in December 2009, Patients Z, CC and DD all in February 2010.
The college allegations also include incidents of kissing, fondling and his placing his penis in the patients’ hands and making sexual comments.
Doodnaught, who is on bail with conditions prohibiting him from dealing with female patients and barring him from any recovery rooms, is facing a judge-alone criminal trial at Superior Court of Ontario starting on Jan. 14, 2013. Some 27 patients are alleging they were sexually assaulted between June 1992 and February 2010.
The college has similar restrictions plus mandates him to work as an anesthetist only under supervision.
“He will be pleading not guilty to these criminal charges and will be vigorously defending every allegation of impropriety,” said his lawyer Brian Greenspan Thursday.
“He has an unblemished career and he, at no time, participated or engaged in any improper conduct.”
The College discipline hearing will await the result of the criminal trial, which is expected to last between five and six months and will feature more than 100 witnesses.
If he is convicted, the College will use the conviction itself — sparing the victims a second round of testimony — to seek the revocation of Doodnaught’s medical licence at the discipline hearing.
He graduated from medical school in Glasgow in 1974. Married twice, he has five sons, one of them a lawyer and another studying to become a veterinarian as well as two young sons, aged eight and six years old, from his second marriage to a chief nurse.
Dr. George Doodnaught TRIAL:  January 2013
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