Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{October 9, 2012}   Deb and Dalton’s ill-conceived Two-Tier Health Care System sees Ontario Pharmacists give flu shots


Although Deb and Dalton are officially dead-set against a two-tier health care system for Ontarians, they have just introduced one under the guise of “expanding the scope of practice for pharmacists for the convenience of patients”. Under this Government- imposed Two-Tier Health Care System, “poorer” Ontarians will – on the whole – get their flu-shots at pharmacies while “rich” and “better educated” Ontarians will of course insist on receiving flu shots from their doctors. 

Pharmacists are inexperienced in giving flu shots and have only been trained over the summer months.  What if something goes wrong? To give an example, an inexperienced pharmacist may hit a nerve, causing paralysis or a patient may have an allergic reaction. Who is responsible and will pick up the pieces:  The CPSO? The College of Pharmacists?

When it comes to renewing and even writing out new prescriptions or adjusting existing ones,  will pharmacists have a duty to inform the patient’s physician every time they renew or write a prescription at the patient’s request or their own advice ?  If the pharmacist does not inform the patient’s physician, the patient’s chart will be incomplete.  So much room for error!

I will continue to insist receiving flu shots, diagnoses, treatment and presciptions from my physician. Clearly Dalton McGuinty and Deb Matthews – in order to cut costs –  are encouraging the gullible among us to take risks when it comes to our health. Pharmacists can now write out prescriptions and monitor chronic conditions as well.  Pharmacists could be taught to do simple surgery allowing for even more cost saving.  Brain surgery carried out by your local pharmacist  5 years from now perhaps? The sky’s the limit Deb and Dalton!



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