Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{October 12, 2012}   $ 825 College Fee Resignations. Send comments to CPSO’s Kathryn Clarke



Resignations as 1,300 Ontario doctors hit with $825 college fee

Written by JERED STUFFCO on October 11, 2012 for The Medical Post

TORONTO | There is growing unrest in Ontario as nearly 1,300 doctors were hit with a new $825 fee from their provincial college, which will be used to complete inspections at out-of-hospital clinics.

But a College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario spokeswoman explained the fee changes were the result of “considerable feedback” from managers and facility directors.

CPSO’s Kathryn Clarke told the Medical Post that medical directors used to handle the $3,585 annual fee, but they had expressed “concern with a payment model that has seen them carry the full burden of the program.”

Clarke added: “Each physician who is affiliated with an OHP (out-of-hospital premises) is now responsible for paying an $825 annual fee, regardless of the number of OHPs that the physician is affiliated with.”

But the Toronto Star reports that some doctors have decided to resign their part-time posts at some clinics rather than pay.

At one facility in central Toronto, 11 anesthesiologists and five other endoscopists have already quit their part-time gigs, Kensington Screening Clinic chief Brian McFarlane told the paper.

McFarlane said the fee is an “extra burden that is too much to absorb,” according to staff.

In years previous, the burden was carried by 300 clinics instead of individual doctors.

The timing for CPSO couldn’t be worse, however, as the province’s doctors remain locked in a nasty tug-of-war over fees with the McGuinty Liberals.

For patients, the refusal of doctors to pay could lead to longer waiting lists, as physicians who may only work a day per month at a clinic decide to stay away.







Another reason why Ontario will be losing docs to the always welcoming USA.

Who are these inspectors sent by the College? Are they certified by the Ministry of Labour or are they just “nosey” College Employees, having a paid day out on a CPSO expense account? 

Physians and patients are invited to  contact CPSO’s Rocco Gerace or Kathryn Clarke for comments and information or to register a complaint.

Phone:   416-967-2600, ext. 378     (Kathryn Clarke) 

e-mail:   kclarke@cpso.on.ca         (Kathryn Clarke)

e-mail:    rgerace@cpso.on.ca        (Rocco Gerace)



                                     Kathryn Clarke  –  CPSO spokeswoman

                                             Kathryn Clarke                     

                                                                                     Kathryn Clarke  –  CPSO spokeswoman
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 CPSO Registrar   –   Rocco Vincent Gerace     Well, not everyone is photogenic !
(Dr. Rocco Gerace  –  sensitive to criticism  –  had the link to his picture removed)

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