Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{October 25, 2012}   Who is Mattawa’s Mystery Woman ?


Who is the female patient causing the downfall of two excellent physicians: Dr. Bryan Edward Williams and Dr. Clint Anthony Redhead of Mattawa?


Even though she lied throughout, she is asking for one million dollars in damages for misconduct for a “gift” she pretty well forced on the docs, angry when her advances were initially refused. The docs unfortunately weren’t smart enough to see the woman for what she truly is, a master manipulator, hoping to gain power over them and turn the affairs into financial gain for herself.


The CPSO – ever ready to dish the dirt on its docs  – keeps mum on the identity of this woman who has caused so much trouble for the docs and their Mattawa patients. In the interest of natural justice, the case should of course be tried before a proper Judge in Superior Court where this woman  –  the initiating party, repeatedly harassing the docs  –  would be equally accountable and would not automatically be protected by anonymity.  

Can anyone identify this woman?  The fact that she was a patient offering sex is hardly an excuse to grant her anonymity while disclosing the names and details of the docs.



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