Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{November 27, 2012}   OMA Vagina Monologues


Government of Ontaro and OMA decide women over 70 not worth spending money on ! 



The Government of Ontario, together with the OMA, have decided that  –  in order to save money  –  docs will no longer be paid for doing pap smears on patients after age 70. Before age 70 the test will now be paid for every 3 years, instead of every 2 years  –  an extra year when cancer could develop undetected.

Quite an insult to my lovely, lively “young” grandmother who isn’t over-the-hill by any means yet, and who has now been firmly given to understand that she isn’t worth “saving” anymore. Exactly which hare-brained idiots made this decision?

Above info is from the “2012 Physician Services Agreement”, unanimously endorsed by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Board.

Ontario docs   –  not known for standing their ground  –   will almost certainly vote it in.  

What are the options for women ? : 

1).   Go to Montreal where women are considered a valuable asset

2).   Go to the U.S. where you can be tested as often as you like

3).   Grandma (after 70) can buy the test privately if she pays the doc and the lab.



A propos of nothing, since posting “OMA Vagina Monologues” it has seen a majority number of hits from viewers in Poland, closely followed by “Female Doc: Sex is fine but Vaginal Birth uncivilized”, again viewed mostly by viewers in Poland. Search terms used: “oma vagina” and “doc sex vagina”.  The Polish viewers may have been a bit disappointed by the contents of both posts!  Nuff said !




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