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{December 6, 2012}   DOES MONEY BUY CPSO PROTECTION ? CPSO forced to list recently “failed inspection” Clinics

There will be blood: Ontario to name clinics that failed CPSO inspection

Written by JERED STUFFCO on December 4, 2012 for The Medical Post
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Ontario’s health minister says the public has the right to know the names of nine clinics that failed college inspections, despite the college keeping the information private.
“Yes, I think that people deserve to know,” Deb Matthews said Monday, as quoted in the Hamilton Spectator.
Matthews’ words stand in contrast to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, who have not published the locations and names of the “out-of-hospital” facilities that were given a failing grade.
The college inspected 251 of the facilities: 178 passed, 64 were given passes with conditions and nine failed.
The criteria included staff qualifications, infection control, drugs and equipment.
While the nameless clinics caused courtesy, Matthews said the government would do what it takes to get the info out.
“We don’t know what is required. If it is legislation, it will take a lot longer than regulation or bylaw (changes) … We don’t even know for sure if any changes would be required,” she said.  
If the College were truly interested in the health of patients, the first thing to do would be to list clinics who failed CPSO inspection. The CPSO is meticulous in listing all names and details of physicians who are accused of any breach of regulations, however minor, illogical or outdated. Yet, the College protects well-funded clinics. Do the investors in these clinics have family- or financial ties with the College in some way? Is money buying protection?
The excuse that a “confidentiality clause” prevents naming clinics  (but not individual physicians), does not sound credible and is not in the interest of the Public. It is CPSO-imposed two-tier medicine of a dubious kind. The only conclusion to be made is that the College grovels to money. Are they expecting a XMas Bonus? 
For a copy of a list of clinics which failed inspection but are not currently listed, contact any of the following CPSO employees:

Robert Byrick    –   CPSO President                                                     416-967-2600                       rbyrick@cpso.on.ca

Rocco Gerace   –   CPSO  Registrar:                                                    416-967-2600                       rgerace@cpso.on.ca

Lisa Brownstone – Co-Director Legal Dept.   –   416-967-2600 ext. 472 (fax: 416-967-2647)  lbrownstone@cpso.on.ca      

Maureen Boon  –   CPSO Associate Director Policy:                        416-967-2600, ext. 267      mboon@cpso.on.ca

Kathryn  Clarke –   CPSO Senior Communications Co-ordinator:    416-967-2600  ext. 378    kclarke@cpso.on.ca

Jill Hefley         –   CPSO Associate Director of Communications:    416-967-2600 ext. 445     jhefley@cpso.on.ca

Brian Goldig     –  CPSO Manager of the Physician Advisory Service:   416-967-2600 ext. 329  bgoldig@cpso.on.ca 
                                     Brian Goldig

While the new practices for publishing inspections came into effect Jan. 31, some critics believe the CPSO hasn’t gone far enough, because clinics that got failing grades before Jan. 31 aren’t included in the public information.

And that could mean that patients won’t be able to access information about a clinic’s past failing grades—no matter how serious the charge was.


Failed Inspection Clinics currently listed:   February 1st, 2013


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