Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{December 14, 2012}   Female Doc: Sex is fine but Vaginal Birth Uncivilized !

Why isn’t C-section a birth option for all women?

Written by Dr. Rhonda Church & Dr. Natasha De Sousa on December 13, 2012 for CanadianHealthcareNetwork.ca

Double Doctoring

by Dr. Rhonda Church & Dr. Natasha De Sousa

By Dr. Natasha De Sousa

I just got back from visiting a fellow physician and her new baby. She looks great, her baby looks great, smiles all around. She had the baby at 40-ish weeks, vaginally, no complications.

The conversation, initially, was similar to that I’ve had with other new-mom friends of mine—some labour tales, expressed surprise at the sheer exhaustion of having a new baby, strollers and car-seat commentary, etc. But shortly thereafter she went on to ask why on Earth, in today’s day and age, women still aren’t offered the choice between a vaginal delivery and a caesarean section. My doctor friend argued that she knew the evidence, the relative risks and benefits of each and she felt she should get to choose; after all, we regularly consent patients to much riskier procedures.

She pointed out that there aren’t really any comparable experiences we expect other patients to endure. Surely, she argued, one should be able to opt out of moaning and groaning and pushing babies out of small so-called “birth canals” when there are other, arguably more civilized, options.

Embarrassingly (or legitimately) I just didn’t have a particularly strong counter-argument. Of course it was something I’d thought about, but not having had any personal birthing experience, I couldn’t comment on how potentially “awful” a vaginal delivery might be.

I tried the economic argument: not that I knew it well, or researched it or anything, but I wagered it was cheaper for our social healthcare system to have women deliver vaginally rather than take them to the operating room.

She countered that we routinely perform cholecystectomies for non-life threatening biliary colic, we repair all sorts of “annoying” though not disabling hernias, and we offer no end of other elective procedures to less healthy candidates all the time. Didn’t she, a healthy, fit, 30 year-old, deserve to choose how her baby found its way into our world?

Why sit around for days on end waiting for “nature to take its course” when she felt she’d be more comfortable in the scheduled, controlled environment of a planned caesarean section? After all, she said, we can’t seem to get enough technology in every other facets of our lives.

Hmmm, I thought, I really don’t have any great replies. But I have a sneaking suspicion our readers do, so I’m looking forward to hearing your comments.

Dr. Natasha De Sousa is an ER physician in Saint John, N.B., who likes to be outside. She shares this column with Dr. Rhonda Church, a family physician from Bridgewater, N.S.






Agreed.  Giving birth involves a lot of moaning and groaning and is rather undignified and “uncivilized” in this age of “technology”, but then, when you think about it  ………………..  so is having sex   ………………  which apparently this female doc didn’t mind having and which is how she presumably got pregnant in the first place  ……………  and it didn’t even require a medical degree!




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