Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{December 26, 2012}   OMA horrified as “Doctors Ontario” to bargain independently for GP’s


Will “Doctors Ontario” signal the end of a cushy life ($ 40 million/yr income) at the OMA?  Pink slips might have to be distributed among the staff of more than 200.
Not Happy with the OMA?
COFPS is proud to introduce DoctorsOntario
Dear Colleagues,
Whether you voted YES or NO in the recent Ontario Medical Association membership referendum on the new Physician Services Agreement, many of you aren’t very happy right now with the way the OMA has been representing you.
The truth of the matter is, the Ontario Medical Association will rake in almost $40 million in membership dues in 2013 whether they represent you and your colleagues properly or not.
Based upon the shameful self-promotion we just witnessed during the past few weeks, it’s clear to us that the OMA doesn’t really care about its members. It just wants your money.
And now, thanks to rushing 16,000 of you and your colleagues into supporting a sub-par and vastly inferior agreement, the Ontario Medical Association has the power to thumb its nose at all of us because of the side deal they negotiated with government.
It doesn’t have to be this way, however.
The Coalition of Family Physicians and Specialists is proud to announce the formation of a new organization, which will act as an alternative to the OMA: DoctorsOntario.
We’ll be launching this new venture early in January, 2013, and know it’ll create quite a stir among doctors, the media, our patients and our elected representatives. It’ll probably even get the attention of the Ontario Medical Association.
Imagine having a grassroots doctor-supported and doctor-led organization that actually stands up for you and your patients. No sweetheart deals. No selling out your colleagues. No conflict of interest. And no RAND. All for only $200 a year.
If you’re tired of being bullied. If you’re tired of being abandoned. If you’re tired of being ripped off. Then the time has come to take a chance and join DoctorsOntario. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.
We promise not to take you, or your support, for granted.
Sign up for a COFPS membership
by January 31, 2013,
and you’ll receive, absolutely free,
a 2013 DoctorsOntario membership.
Douglas Mark, MD, President
and the Board of the Coalition of Family Physicians and Specialists of Ontario
The Coalition of Family Physicians and Specialists of Ontario
416-412-1474 phone | 416-412-7297 fax
info@cofps.ca | www.cofps.ca
45 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 900
Toronto, M2N 5W9

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