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{January 9, 2013}   The Hypocrisy of CPSO Drama Queen: the “Reverend” Dr. Marc Gabel

Disgraced former Toronto doctor reprimanded for having sex with patients

Published on Monday January 07, 2013

Ambi Institute photo Former Toronto surgeon, Dr, Jacobo Joffe now practices in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Niamh Scallan
Staff Reporter

More than four years after he was found to have sexually abused four female patients, a former Toronto surgeon appeared before a disciplinary panel Monday to be publicly reprimanded for his “disgraceful” and “dishonourable” behaviour.

In a blistering, three-minute speech delivered at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario headquarters, Dr. Jacobo Joffe was chastised for “cast(ing) a shadow upon the whole profession” when he wilfully engaged in sexual relations with four women who had gone to him for weight-loss surgery.

“Your actions were utterly self-serving,” said panel member Dr. Marc Gabel. “You preyed upon the vulnerabilities of these patients and misused the trust that they had in you.”

Joffe, once a respected general surgeon in Toronto who, according to his website, now runs a bariatric surgery clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico, refused to comment when approached outside the college late Monday afternoon.

Joffe had his certificate of registration revoked in 2008 after he pleaded no contest to four allegations of sexual abuse by the college. No criminal charges were laid.

He failed to appear at his public reprimand in 2009, forcing the panel to deliver the speech to an empty chair.

A college spokesperson said Joffe requested that another reprimand be scheduled so he could attend. It remains unclear why he made the request, but failure to attend a public reprimand is frowned upon by the college.

According to college’s written decision released in 2009, Joffe’s dalliances with patients spanned several years and took place in number of settings including patient homes, his office and a hospital.

Two patients, named only as patients A and B to protect their identities, began sexual relations with the surgeon during follow-up care in 2003. According to the document, Joffe “would hug and kiss (them) on their lips and tell them how attractive they were.”

By 2004, Joffe began to visit A and B at their homes every two weeks and engaged in a range of sexual acts with them, “both separately and together,” until 2006.

The decision also stated that Joffe had sex with two other patients who had gone to him for weight-loss surgery and, “knowing the professional consequences to him,” actively tried to keep all four affairs a secret.






These women did not report “rape” or suffered “unwanted sexual advances”. They repeatedly had Dr. Joffe over in their homes for fun and games. Dr. Joffe obliged as a sexual Samaritan who improved their self image.  It certainly wasn’t “sexual abuse”.  Dr. Jacobo Joffe was chastised for “cast(ing) a shadow upon the whole profession”.  Really, Marc is such a Drama “Queen”!   These mature women weren’t “sick” and were wealthy enough to pay privately for weight loss surgery to look better. They followed up with some consensual sex, confirming their “attractiveness” to the opposite sex. These were not greenhorns who could be seduced if they did not choose to be. It’s likely they did the seducing themselves.  No power imbalance in the doctor-patient relationship existed before or after surgery.  It was a simple contractor-client relationship without any psychiatric involvement. It’s possible the ladies wished to show gratitude for a job well done! Nobody’s business but theirs!  Dr. Jacobo Joffe is not unattractive and they could do worse!  The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario should stop portraying women as if we were all witless idiots and allow adult women to make their own choices and deal with the consequences themselves instead of having the dirty old men at the College jump into bed with them.


What deeply hurts the College of course is not the “alleged” sexual abuse,  but  the fact that they had to wait four years to deliver a personal reprimand. They’re very sensitive about losing face and looking ridiculous every time a doc decides to forego that part of the festivities. “The College does not like to address a reprimand to an empty chair” and “it is frowned upon not to turn up for a reprimand. ”   Indeed, that would take the fun out of the game. Imagine throwing a party without  –  horror of horrors  –   the “guest of honour” showing up !  Too ungrateful for words.  It just won’t do!


 Marc Gabel is the last person who should reprimand a doctor who gave several women a nip, tuck and a f*#k when they felt they needed it!   When not lounging about at the College, sitting in judgement of much smarter, more successful, more attractive-looking colleagues than he is  –    –  and in order to avoid practicing real medicine  –   Marc Gabel continues to  moonlight as middle-man for straights, gays and lesbians.   https://badpatients.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/dr-marc-gabel-man-without-principles/


Dr. Joffe did not harm a patient by cutting off the wrong body part,  nor did he harm or kill a patient through negligence or incompetence.  For the sake of consensual sex,  Toronto lost another good surgeon and Mexico now gets his income tax. The College does no one any favours. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is a threat to the health of the vast majority of Ontario patients who could continue to benefit from Dr. Joffe’s knowledge and experience and from the knowledge and experience of all those docs who have been and continue to be booted out for issues entirely unrelated to their competence to practice medicine.

It’s all really very simple of course. If there is truly a case of sexual assault, the case belongs in Court and the doctor in jail ………… ! 


 the  “Reverend” Dr. Marc Gabel   

                 CPSO Toronto


anuska says:

i strongly agree with the Dr., good for him to be in Mexico where pts can receive med. care and attention
no women are “assaulted” when they voluntarily go for sex

Laura says:

Seriously? You call a doctor who has sexual relationships with several of his patients all at the same time “a good doctor”? Good riddance…I’d rather go find a doctor who doesn’t have sex with his patients in the States than pardon Dr. Joffe and let him practice in Ontario.

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