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{May 29, 2013}   Henry Morgentaler dead




Melekh Ravitch, Chava, unkhown, Melekh’s wife and Chava’s husband,
Henry Morgentaler, Montreal 1950’s. Photo from Chava Rosenfarb’s website.









On the couch

Arlene Leibovitch, Marsha Weiner, Henry Morgentaler










Henry’s parents and sister were murdered by the Nazi’s and of course Henry was powerless to save them. Profound shock, pain and rage must have been part of Henry’s life for a very long time and it would be reasonable to assume pain and anger never left him. 

Henry would make a career out of killing  unborn  –   mostly non-Jewish   –    babies and finally would hold power over life and death.
Few will fail to see the connection.


There are those who feel it is a woman’s right to kill an unwanted child she carries within her body.
There were those who felt it was a country’s right to kill unwanted Jews living within its borders.  
Who could justify either? 
Some might argue that if it was alright for Henry Morgentaler to rid the world of unwanted babies,  then it was alright to rid the world of unwanted Jews. Fortunately no sane and rational person would consider this acceptable  –  just as most sane human beings do not consider it acceptable to kill unborn babies.
War criminals were pursued to the ends of the earth to bring them to justice for murdering the “unwanted”.

Henry Morgentaler received an order of Canada for killing the “unwanted”……………….. 
In most families a miscarriage is a tragedy. The Canadian Government rewards the killing of “nuisance” babies.
Feminist and author Judy Rebick told the Globe and Mail that it was time Morgentaler was honoured for his long battle. She said, “Dr. Morgentaler is a hero to millions of women in the country”. “He risked his life to struggle for women’s rights”.
There are those who see it differently and feel Henry Morgentaler had revenge for the murder of his parents and sister every time he aborted a non-Jewish child.  Henry risked his life to kill more unborn babies.
“I knew I could not save my mother [in Auschwitz in 1944]. But I could save other mothers.  It was an unconscious thought. It became almost like a command. If I help women to have babies at a time when they can give love and affection, they will not grow up to be rapists or murderers. They will not build concentration camps.”

Well, this seems to have applied to Henry at least. Henry clearly wasn’t wanted as he landed in a concentration camp. As far as is known, Henry didn’t become a rapist though he did not remain faithful to three wives   –  but he did go on to become the executioner of thousands of unborn  –  mostly non-Jewish  –  babies.


Henry’s logic was of course severely flawed though no one seems to have contradicted him. Being “wanted” is no guarantee for good behaviour, Most “unwanted” children don’t grow up to be rapists and murderers and will not build concentration camps but at least his flawed thinking allowed Henry to soothe his conscience and justify revenge thru killing.



Henry Morgentaler’s children:  Goldie, Abraham, Yann and Benny bear the heavy burden of their father’s legacy. 
Henry’s wife Arlene is reported to be suffering from cancer.

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