Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{August 27, 2013}   “BLURRED LINES” at 80 College St.


CPSO Associate Director of Communications  –   Jill Hefley  (far left)


Media Inquiries:
Kathryn Clarke
(416) 967-2600 ext. 378
Jill Hefley
(416) 967-2600 ext. 445


Media Inquiries

Kathryn Clarke
416-967-2600 ext 378
Prithi Yelaja
416-967-2600 ext 402 


Ms Jill Hefley appears to have been permanently replaced by Prithi Yelaja as Spokeswoman for the CPSO.

The difference between a
CPSO Associate Director of Communications  (Jill Hefley) and a CPSO Communications Specialist  (Prithi Yelaja) is not clear. New job titles are often created in order to blur the lines of company hierarchy. Those in the know aren’t fooled of course. We may reasonably assume that Ms Hefley’s  public lack of discretion, lack of judgement and common sense caused her to be replaced in favour of a new employee with a more impressive CV  –   albeit a new employee with an indelible stain on her reputation. Ms Yelaja was proven to be profoundly dishonest and lacking integrity when she committed plagiarism while working as a reporter for the Toronto Star .( see links below ).    
Ms Prithi Yelaja should fit right in at 80 College St.

Ms Hefley can now devote her time to personal pursuits such as  ” How to surf Facebook at work without anyone knowing  and look like you’re slaving away on a spreadsheet”.
See also:




“North American newspapers hit with cheating scandals in this very young century . . . have included the New York Times (Jayson Blair, Michael Finkel, Rick Bragg), the Toronto Star (Prithi Yelaja), USA Today (Jack Kelley), the National Post (Brad Evenson, Elizabeth Nickson, Gillian Cosgrove), and the Boston Globe (Mike Barnicle),” Shapiro writes.

Cutting and pasting, as well as bare-faced lying, are to journalism what doping is to Olympic sports. They compromise the integrity of a vocation where truth, original research and earnest reportage are the only stock-in-trade


What Prithi said when she was caught and confronted with irrefutable facts::





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