Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors

{September 16, 2013}   Trillium Board, President & CEO Michelle DiEmanuele, CPSO Registrar Dr. Rocco Gerace – Disregard for Patients’ Lives
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Trillium Health Partners president and CEO Michelle DiEmanuele has announced a new strategy for the organization's three hospitals that will redistribute resources to areas that are growing in patient need.

Ms Michelle DiEmanuele, President & CEO  Credit Valley Hospital and Trillium Health Centre

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Primary Executive Michelle DiEmanuele, President & Chief Executive Officer; Phone: 905-813-2200





Had Trillium’s President and CEO, Ms diEmanuele informed patients as soon as there was cause for worry,  patients would not have had to live in ignorance and would have had the option to get second opinions anywhere they chose, possibly allowing the outcome to be favourable instead of grim, even ending in death. Patients were deliberately denied that option, allowing cancer cells a lovely time to multiply for 6 months.


Both the Board and the CEO had a duty to inform the public as soon as it became evident there was cause for worry. To keep “errors” under wraps when cancer patients are involved is inexcusable and indefensible. Not only did Trillium not inform the public as soon as there was an indication of multiple “errors” made, Ontario’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, when informed on June 3, 2013, also kept silent, although it has a duty to “protect and serve the public interest”. No doubt “politics” played a role in the decision not to inform the public.


According to Trillium Spokeswoman Suzet Silva, the Trillium Board restricted the radiologist’s privileges in late May and notified the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the decision June 3, 2013.  Trillium did not inform the Ministry of Health about the situation with the possibly misdiagnosed test results until late August, but said it removed the radiologist’s hospital privileges after a two month internal probe. It is unclear why at this point the College did not make these findings public, or insist that Trillium do so immediately.  The cancer process does not wait for “politics” to be played out. The College of Physicians and Surgeons, always in hot pursuit of lone docs and non life-threatening infractions seems unable or unwilling to take on the major players in big cases  where lives are at stake. It is possible that in view of the well-documented backlog of pending cases against docs, guilty of (in many cases)  trivial infractions, a major case such as this, would be too much of a challenge.

CEO Michelle DiEmanuele received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Waterloo in 1987. She holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto.


Michelle DiEmanuele holds No Master of Health Sciences degree  or MBA and clearly relied on Dr.  Dante Morra, Chief of Staff, to inform her on all medical problems.  She had no experience in running a hospital of any size before she was dropped into the job of CEO of two hospitals:. Ms DiEmanuele could possibly administer a small family practice, but nothing larger than that.


3500 cases being checked for misdiagnosis is not an “isolated incident”. Telling patients not to be “too paranoid” shows a profound lack of understanding of the cancer process.  Toronto litigation lawyers look forward to retire on these cases.  Medical malpractice lawyer Paul Harte has been taking calls from patients.



Trillium’s Board, President and CEO Ms Michelle DiEmanuele and CPSO Registrar Dr. Rocco Gerace should resign on grounds of breach of duty, incompetence and negligence. All were complicit in what turned out to be a “cover-up”.  All allowed “politics” to take priority over patients’ health.
Any patient in Ontario who receives a serious diagnosis based on a radiology report would be wise to insist on a second opinion as standard procedure from now on.


Once again the rest of the developed world is shaking its head at Canada’s failure with non-competitive Government-controlled medicine. .







from CPSO’s website:



Unfortunately for cancer patients,  victims of this scandal,   CPSO’s Mandate and Strategic Priorities such as:    “Public Trust, Integrity, Transparency of Process, a Duty to serve and protect the Public Interest, Acting in the Interest of Patients and Communities, Accountability to the Public and the Profession, Accepting Responsibility, Leadership”    were  ignored by CPSO Registrar Dr. Rocco Gerace.  Dr. Gerace has a publicized interest in Hospice Palliative Care and is familiar with the cancer process and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.  He knew about the situation. Why did he not act?



Dr. Rocco Gerace

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