Ontario docs are leaving – patients have trouble finding good doctors




“It appears no change is coming for doctors. Their professional group — the Ontario Medical Association — favours exempting spouses, but their regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, will not ask to take advantage of the new law, said Louise Verity, the associate registrar.





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Rocco Gerace has been working hard to enforce a policy which  –  when ignored  –  will amount to “sexual abuse” and forbids docs and spouses to have sex with each other for a period of 1 to 5 years,  Does Rocco Gerace have a valid point or is he just what he appears to be, an old man with a dirty mind, wanting  to spy on colleagues and spouses in their bedrooms, a regular peeping Tom ?!   Will “having sex” with your lawyer-spouse, stockbroker-spouse, accountant-spouse etc. be regulated next?  Can this hilariously outrageous policy even stand in a free society? * Does anyone actually really care if a doc treats his/her own spouse? What if the doc is unmarried and treats any number of girl/boy-friends for minor ailments? Can he/she still have sex with them? How will Rocco keep track? Rocco’s going to be a very busy boy !


* According to  CPSO “law”, a spouse who benefits from a physician’s medical expertise thru him/her  performing a service for his/her spouse in the physician’s field of expertise   =  sexual abuse   –   resulting in a CPSO-imposed ban on sex between doc and spouse for a period of 1-5 yrs. 


Try and explain that to other civilized countries.  Has Canada’s medical College, with assistance from Rocco Boy, lost itsmind?!


Can anyone take this man seriously? Does he take himself seriously? Has Rocco Boy gone quite mad? The CPSO and Registrar Rocco Gerace have now achieved status as an international joke.  If it wasn’t Rocco’s idea, who put pressure on this blockhead to pass this “law”? How is he going to enforce it? Rely on people spying? How is he going to enforce the “no sex” rule punishment for 1 – 5 years ?  Hide under colleagues’ beds? For poor docs and their spouses it will be like living under Mafia rule, never knowing when they’ll encounter Rocco lurking in their homes and bedrooms.

As a patient it is irrelevant to me whether or not my doc treats his/her spouse for minor ailments. I just want a happy doc




See what Ontario’s dentists and their spouses think about this “law”:





Louise Verity
Director, Associate Registrar, Policy and Communications
Louise –  of course   –  will say whatever she’s told to say, no matter how ridiculous. She “just works there”!
Too bad CPSO’s large female staff hasn’t shown a bit of backbone and intellect, pointing out the sheer idiocy of this policy.
CPSO female lawyers outrank male lawyers (see link)
Although they work for CPSO and are not with important law firms, one might expect a measure of common sense and some objection from CPSO’s female lawyers.
 A stand-up comedian would find a wealth of material  here.
Who’s to say a spouse is sexually abused when he/she thinks otherwise?!
The College, its Registrar, Staff and Employees continue to be a source of amusement at home and abroad !
The CPSO farce continues!

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